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SNH48 (Short for Shanghai48) is a Chinese Idol Group and the 2nd international sister group of AKB48. The group has their own theater in Shanghai, China. In June, 2016 it was announced that SNH48 and its sister groups became fully independent from the AKB franchise.




一心向前(Only Look Forward)
May 2014


无尽旋转(Heavy Rotation)
June 2013
飞翔入手(Flying Get)
August 2013
爱的幸运曲奇(Fortune Cookie in Love)
November 2013
心电感应(Heart Ereki)
March 2014
October 2014
青春的约定!(GIVE ME FIVE!)
January 2015
雨季之后March 2015 盛夏好声音(Midsummer Sounds Good!)
May 2015
万圣节之夜(Halloween Night)
October 2015
新年的钟声(New Year's Bell)
December 2015
源动力(Source of Power)
March 2016
梦想岛(Dream Land)
May 2016
公主披風(Princess's Cloak)
October 2016
新年这一刻(Happy Wonder World)
December 2016
彼此的未來(Each Other's Future)
March 2017
夏日檸檬船(Summer Pirates)
May 2017
那不勒斯的黎明(Dawn in Naples)
October 2017
甜蜜盛典(Sweet Festival)
December 2017
未来的楽章(The Future Movement)
March 2018
森林法则(Forest Theorem)
May 2018
魔女的詩篇(Witch's Psalm)
October 2018

Live Albums

SNH48研究生 1st stage 「Give Me Power!」January 2013 Team HII 4th Stage 「Beautiful World」March 2017 Team SII 7th Stage 「第48区」July 2017
Team NII 6th Stage 「以爱之名」October 2017 Team X 4th Stage 「命运的“X”号」December 2017 Team FT 1st Stage 「梦想的旗帜」March 2018
Team HII 5th Stage 「头号新闻」(Heading News)
March 2018

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