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AKB48 (short for Akihabara48) is a Japanese Idol Group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. The group has their own theater, located in Akihabara, Tokyo. The 1st generation members were announced in October, 2005, debuting in December 8, 2005. The groups major debut followed in October, 2006 after their first indie-release in February of the same year..




ここにいたこと(We Were Here)
June 2011
1830mAugust 2012 次の足跡(The Next Footsteps)
January 2014
ここがロドスだ、ここで跳べ!(Here is Rhodes, Jump Here!)
January 2015
January 2017
僕たちは、あの日の夜明けを知っている(We, Know the Dawn of That Day)
January 2018


桜の花びらたち(Cherry Blossom Petals)
February 2006
スカート、ひらり(Skirt, Flutters)
June 2006
会いたかった(I Wanted to Meet You)
October 2006
制服が邪魔をする(My School Uniform is in My Way)
January 2007
軽蔑していた愛情(Scorned Love)
April 2007
BINGO!July 2007
僕の太陽(My Sun)
August 2007
夕陽を見ているか?(Are you watching the Sunset?)
October 2007
ロマンス、イラネ(I Don't Need Romance)
January 2008
桜の花びらたち2008(Cherry Blossom Petals 2008)
February 2008
Baby! Baby! Baby!June 2008 大声ダイヤモンド(Diamond Shout)
October 2008
10年桜(10-Year Cherry Blossom)
March 2009
涙サプライズ!(Surprise Tears!)
June 2009
言い訳Maybe(An Excuse Maybe)
August 2009
RIVEROctober 2009 桜の栞(Cherry Blossom Bookmark)
February 2010
ポニーテールとシュシュ(Ponytail and Scrunchie)
May 2010
ヘビーローテーション(Heavy Rotation)
August 2010
BeginnerOctober 2010 チャンスの順番(The Turn of Chance)
December 2010
桜の木になろう(I'll turn into a Cherry Tree)
February 2011
Everyday、カチューシャ(Everyday, Headband Girl)
May 2011
フライングゲット(Flying Get)
August 2011
風は吹いている(The Wind is Blowing)
October 2011
上からマリコ(Mariko High and Mighty)
December 2011
GIVE ME FIVE!February 2012
真夏のSounds good!(Midsummer Sounds good!)
May 2012
ギンガムチェック(Gingham Check)
August 2012
UZAOctober 2012
永遠プレッシャー(Eternal Pressure)
December 2012
So long!February 2013 掌が語ること(The Things Palms Can Say)
March 2013
さよならクロール(Goodbye Crawl)
May 2013
恋するフォーチュンクッキー(Fortune Cookie in Love)
August 2013
ハート・エレキ(Heart Ereki)
October 2013
君の微笑みを夢に見る(I See Your Smile In My Dream)
December 2013
前しか向かねえ(I Only Look Forward)
February 2014
ラブラドール・レトリバー(Labrador Retriever)
May 2014
心のプラカード(Heart's Placard)
August 2014
希望的リフレイン(Hopeful Refrain)
November 2014
Green FlashMarch 2015
僕たちは戦わない(We Won't Fight)
May 2015
ハロウィンナイト(Halloween Night)
August 2015
唇に Be My Baby(Be My Baby With Those Lips)
December 2015
君はメロディー(You're a Melody)
March 2016
翼はいらない(I Don't Need Wings)
June 2016
LOVE TRIP / しあわせを分けなさい(LOVE TRIP / Share Your Happiness)
August 2016
ハイテンション(High Tension)
November 2016
シュートサイン(Shoot Sign)
March 2017
願いごとの持ち腐れ(The Waste of a Wish)
May 2017
August 2017
11月のアンクレット(November Anklet)
November 2017
March 2018
Teacher TeacherMay 2018 センチメンタルトレイン(Sentimental Train)
September 2018
NO WAY MANNovember 2018
ジワるDAYS(Jiwaru DAYS)
March 2019
September 2019
失恋、ありがとう(Thank You, Broken Heart)
March 2020
離れていても(Even When Apart)
June 2020
根も葉もRumor(Unfounded Rumor)
September 2021


SETLIST ~グレイテストソングス 2006-2007~(SETLIST ~Greatest Songs 2006-2007~)
January 2008
神曲たち(Godly Songs)
April 2010
SET LIST ~グレイテストソングス~完全盤(SET LIST ~Greatest Songs~ Complete Edition)
July 2010
0と1の間(Between 0 and 1)
November 2015

Stage Albums

チームA 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」(Team A 1st Stage "The Party Begins!")
March 2007
チームA 2nd Stage「会いたかった」(Team A 2nd Stage "I Wanted To Meet You")
March 2007
チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」(Team A 3rd Stage "For Someone's Sake")
March 2007
チームK 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」(Team K 1st Stage "The Party Begins!")
March 2007
チームK 2nd Stage「青春ガールズ」(Team K 2nd Stage "Young Girls")
March 2007
チームK 3rd Stage「脳内パラダイス」(Team K 3rd Stage "Paradise Inside the Mind")
March 2007
チームA 5th Studio Recording「恋愛禁止条例」(Team A 5th Studio Recording "Rules Against Love")
August 2009
チームK 5th Studio Recording「逆上がり」(Team K 5th Studio Recording "Up and Over")
August 2009
チームB 4th Studio Recording「アイドルの夜明け」(Team B 4th Studio Recording "Dawn of the Idols")
August 2009
チームK 6th Studio Recording「RESET」(Team K 6th Studio Recording "RESET")
August 2010
チームB 5th Studio Recording「シアターの女神」(Team B 5th Studio Recording "Goddess of the Theater")
August 2010
チームA 6th Studio Recording「目撃者」(Team A 6th Studio Recording "Eye-Witness")
September 2010

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