Musictea Style Guidelines

When adding new albums it's important to make sure the information is as accurate as possible. Always check the artist's or label's site for official titles and tracklistings. If that's not possible go by the album cover or a reliable source.

Artist Intent

Always go with the original language and original stylization.

Artist Names

Pay attention to small changes. For example, Dir en grey's early albums were released as Dir en grey. Starting with their 6th album they changed to DIR EN GREY. Ami Suzuki's pre-avex releases were written 鈴木あみ before switching to 鈴木亜美. Some artists go by different names depending on which country the album is released in. Contact me if an artist name has different spellings that aren't listed on their page.


Use the original stylization, even if it's nonstandard.

- Audience Killer Loopaudience KILLER LOOP
- Withering to DeathWithering to death. (also note the punctuation)


Use the language the album was originally written in. Do not use translations or transliterations.

- Sajou no Uta砂上の唄
- Gasikgeol / Shady Girl가식걸

Error Correction

Be consistent with album and track titles. Occasionally even the artist's official site will have a typo. If the typo was unintended and doesn't exist anywhere else, it's fine to correct it.

General Resources

Try these sites if you can't find anything official to refer to. Contact me to add a site to this list.

- Oricon

- MelOn
- Hanteo Chart

Article last updated 2012-08-31

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