Editing Artists

Artist Name

If the artist has changed their name, has an additional alias, or the current name is incorrect, you can submit a new name by clicking the "[edit name]" link next to the artist's name.

Artist Info

Only use the artist's official websites and pages (no fan pages).

Page Settings

Most artists only have a single discography, so you'd select "Group albums together." If an artist has released albums in multiple languages, you can separate those albums by selecting "Organize by language." If an artist has multiple aliases or projects, select "Organize by alias."


Artist images are automatically resized to 390x230 pixels. If the image you upload is too tall or wide, it'll be cropped evenly from both sides. For best results, use a wide rectangular image, or crop it in an image editor before uploading. (I'm planning on writing a better cropping script eventually!)

Always use the artist's most recent (or most representative of the band if disbanded) official promotional photos. Don't upload logos or fan photos.


Artist ID

If the member has a solo page, put their ID here, otherwise leave it as 0. To get their ID, go to their page, click "edit", then copy the ID from the URL.


You could either write a few sentences, or to keep the list format use BBCode.

If you have any questions, please send them my way and I'll gladly update this tutorial!

Article last updated 2013-12-06

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