South Korea
2011 - 2012

X-5 made their debut in 2011, but after the sexual harassment cases that their agency has met the last year, they ended their contract. Although X-5 has never officially announced their split, Taefung, Sulhu and Haewon have joined another group. Ghun entered the military and Zin decided to take a break from the music industry.


  • Ghun

    Leader & Vocalist2011 - 2012
Real Name: Son Hyunseok
Birth Date: November 30, 1989

Former member of 3Chongsa.
  • Haewon

    Vocalist2011 - 2012
Real Name: Jung Haewon
Birth Date: June 20, 1991

Former member of 3Chongsa. Now a member of LU:KUS.
  • Sulhu

    Rapper & Maknae2011 - 2012
Real Name: Kim Jinwan
Birth Date: September 7, 1995

Former member of XING. Now a member of LU:KUS.
  • Taefung

    Main Vocalist2011 - 2012
Real Name: Lee Donghyun
Birth Date: April 28, 1991

Now a member of LU:KUS.
  • Zin

    Rapper2011 - 2012
Real Name: Jin Hyunjin
Birth Date: July 20, 1993

Former member of XING.