Wonder Girls

South Korea
2007 - 2012, 2015 - 2017

Wonder Girls (Hangul: 원더걸스, Katakana: ワンダーガールズ) was a South Korean girl group, whose last line-up consisted of members Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye, Sunmi, and Hyelim. They are managed by their producer and manager singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young under his talent agency, JYP Entertainment. They are co-managed in the United States by JYP Entertainment and Jonas Group. The meaning behind the group's name...


Korean Discography


The Wonder YearsSeptember 2007 Wonder WorldNovember 2011 REBOOTAugust 2015


The Wonder Years: TrilogySeptember 2008 Wonder PartyJune 2012 


The wonder beginsFebruary 2007 미안한 마음 ~tears~April 2007 쪼요쪼요(Joyo Joyo)
November 2007
Army SongFebruary 2008 So HotJune 2008 Food SongOctober 2008
AnybodyNovember 2008 NowApril 2009 2 Different TearsMay 2010
The DJ Is MineJanuary 2012 Why So LonelyJuly 2016 그려줘(Draw Me)
February 2017

English Discography


NobodyJune 2009 2 Different TearsMay 2010 Like MoneyJuly 2012

Mandarin Discography


Wonder GirlsMarch 2011 

Japanese Discography


Nobody For EverybodyJuly 2012 


Wonder Best KOREA/U.S.A/JAPAN 2007-2012November 2012 

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