1997 - present

VELTPUNCH is a Japanese alternative rock band which formed in 1997. They played at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, USA, in March 2000. Their first major single, "Crawl", reached number 36 on the Oricon single charts in 2008 and remained on the chart for seven weeks. Crawl was also featured as an opening theme for the anime Nabari no Ou.




When we driveJuly 2000 question no.13December 2004 a huge mistakeOctober 2005
White AlbumAugust 2007 Paint Your Life GraySeptember 2008 BLACK ALBUMFebruary 2010
His strange fighting poseAugust 2011 THE NEWEST JOKEJuly 2016 SUICIDE KINGAugust 2020


CRAWLMay 2008 (OAO)June 2015 Shandy Gaff in the cold glassSeptember 2015


GOLD ALBUM 1997-2012August 2012 

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