Vanilla Acoustic

South Korea
2008 - present

Vanilla Acoustic (바닐라 어쿠스틱) is a acoustic duo from South Korea. They debut in December 2008 as a three member band with their first EP "Vanilla Rain".




반지하 로맨스September 2012 2nd Part.1April 2013 2nd Part. 2October 2013
3rd Part.1 'Eudaimonia'June 2014 3rd Part.2 'Eudaimonia'April 2015 Sweet chemistryJuly 2016
어울리게 칠해줘(Let's Paint it the Right Way)
April 2018


The 1st - Vanilla RainDecember 2008 2nd Story : 두 번째 비June 2009 Cobalt BlueJune 2019


Ro맨틱? No맨틱! Part.1(Romantic? Nomantic! Part.1)
December 2009
두근두근 이겨울December 2009 홍삼맛캔디May 2011
July 2012
쿠키, 커피September 2012 대화가 필요해November 2012
숨은 마음 찾기February 2013 헤픈 남자June 2013 Hey YouJanuary 2014
나 요즘March 2014 반말도 못했어August 2014 니가 궁금해(You Were Wondering)
November 2014
SHIN HYE SUNG - Once Again #5November 2014 나처럼 사랑했을까December 2014 그 여름처럼July 2015
눈물대신 웃음September 2015 뽀드득December 2015 쇼파르뮤직 컴필레이션 Vol.2 [Romantic Wish](Shofar Music Compilation Vol.2 "Romantic Wish")
January 2016
I do againFebruary 2016 Blind DateApril 2016 울컥해November 2016
너만 생각나(Only You)
February 2017
April 2017
July 2017
끝이 아닌 것 같아서(It Ain't Over)
November 2017
너를 담아 봄(Spring with You)
March 2018
좋아해(I Like You)
June 2018
지쳤니October 2018 쇼파르뮤직 컴필레이션 Vol.3 '어색한 사이'(Shofar Music Compilation Vol.3 'Awkward')
January 2020


호텔킹 OST Part.4(Hotel King OST Part.4)
May 2014
풍선껌 OST Part.5(Bubblegum OST Part.5)
December 2015
혼술남녀 OST Part.4(Drinking Solo OST Part.4)
October 2016

Featured On

As Featured Artist

  • Snowball (feat. 바닐라 어쿠스틱)
스웨덴세탁소Be Your Christmas2018


  • 고백 (From. 김지수)
Various Artists쇼파르뮤직 컴필레이션 Vol.1 [R-e Make and W-e Make]2015
  • 달라 보여
Various Artists풍선껌 OST2015
  • 너와 나의 시간은
Various Artists치즈인더트랩 OST Part.42016
  • 너와 나의 시간은
Various Artists치즈인더트랩 OST - Special Edition2016
  • 나와 (With Me)
윤지훈혼술남녀 OST2016

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