South Korea
2009 - present

Tymee (타이미; born Lee Ok Joo (박정아); December 6, 1985), formerly known as e.via (이비아), is a Korean rapper, lyricist, composer, and pianist. She is known for being Korea's fastest female rapper. Before her debut, Tymee went under the stage name Napper.


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e.via a.k.a. happy e.vilJune 2009


motiphie meets e.via!August 2009 Must Have Mini AlbumApril 2010
비아폴라October 2010
e.viagradation Part.1 (Black & Red)April 2012 


0.1May 2012 난 좀 놀 줄 아는걸September 2012 이비아 겨울이야기December 2012
라이징 스타 (Rising Star)April 2014 꽃 (Super Flower)July 2014 사랑은(Love Is)
June 2015

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