EP by Tommy heavenly6, Tommy february6

"Halloween Addiction" is a Tomoko Kawase's first mini-album, featuring both her personas as Tommy february6 and Tommy Heavenly6. It is a Halloween themed EP, featuring her 2006 Halloween themed Tommy Heavenly6 song Lollipop Candy Bad Girl, a remix of Heavenly's song I'm Your Devil and the new song "Never Ending Party Night". It was released as a Limited edition CD+DVD, and as a regular CD. The first press of the regular CD came with a sleeve case made by a collaboration with X-girl.

Each of the songs are divided into short segments, variying in length, giving the track list many songs, when in fact there are only three tracks.

Halloween Addiction debuted at #10 on the Oricon charts.


2.Carnival -楽しいカーニバル-
3.heavenly6 is Coming! -ヘヴンリーがやってくる!
4.Toss The Summoner's Coin! -召喚のコイン!-
5.Why don't you Come with me? -私と一緒に来てみたらどう?-
6.Story of Shadow light princess twins -双子のシャドウ・ライト・プリンセスのお話-
7.It's A Magical Party Mysterious Cake -マジカル・パーティー ミステリアス・ケーキ-
8.NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT -決して終わることのないパーティ-
10.The Pumpkin's Forest -カボチャの森-
11.Lollipop Candy BAD girl -ロリポップ・キャンディ・バッド・ガール-1/2
12.Music box Sweet Dream A
13.It's A Magical Party My Dream Will Come True -夢見るフェブラリー-
14.Lollipop Candy BAD girl -ロリポップ・キャンディ・バッド・ガール-2/2
15.Music box Sweet Dream B
16.Who am I...? -私は誰かって?-A
17.Royal Darkness Tea Party -ロイヤル・ダークネス・ティー・パーティ-
18.Music box I'M YOUR DEVIL
19.I'M YOUR DEVIL -私はあなたの悪魔よ-
20.Be ready for the NIGHTMARE -悪夢への準備-
21.Who am I...? -私は誰かって?-B

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