2006 - present

SuG (サグ) is a five member Japanese rock band in the oshare-kei scene that formed in October of 2006. Being under PS COMPANY's indies sub-label Indie-PSC for the majority of their career, at the start of December 2009 it was announced that SuG would become a major band in the new year. The band signed with Pony Canyon and released their major debut single "gr8 story" on January 27th, 2010.


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n0iz stArMay 2008 TOKYO MUZiCAL HOTELMarch 2010 Thrill Ride PiratesMarch 2011
Lollipop KingdomApril 2012 MISSINGFebruary 2014 BLACKMarch 2015
VIRGINMarch 2016 


I SCREAM PARTYDecember 2007 PunkitschSeptember 2008 


sweeToxicSeptember 2012 B.A.B.Y.July 2014 CRY OUTNovember 2014
SICK'SDecember 2015 

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