Standing Egg

South Korea
2010 -present

Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) is a Korean indie acoustic pop band that debuted in 2010 under Von Entertainment. The band is made up of three people, Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3, who produce and compose the music. As they don't have a vocalist or musicians, they feature various guest indie artists like Clover (guitar, vocals), Windy (vocals), Han Gyul (double bass), or Hana (djembe) for their songs and performances.


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WithNovember 2010 LikeApril 2012 ShineOctober 2013
USDecember 2014 DramaticDecember 2017 


LuckyJuly 2011 Ballad With WindyDecember 2012 AmblerApril 2013
36.5May 2014 youngMay 2015 innerDecember 2015
VOICENovember 2016 


Standing EggApril 2010 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 (With Ra.D) (Acoustic ver.)January 2011 Fly (경기국제항공전 테마송)April 2011
앓이 With WindyApril 2011 사랑한대 With WindyMay 2011 편한 사이 With WindyOctober 2011
둘이 아닌가 봐February 2012 Keep GoingJune 2012 오래된 노래September 2012
A Perfect DayOctober 2012 시간이 달라서(Due To Different Time)
February 2013
넌 이별 난 아직November 2013
고백February 2014 The Artist Diary Project Part.8March 2014 She Is BackSeptember 2014
맘에 걸려October 2014 The Artist Diary Project Pt.10December 2014 Starry NightApril 2015
Nobody KnowsNovember 2015 The Artist Diary Project Part.12March 2016 뚝뚝뚝June 2016
여름밤에 우린(Summer Night, You & Me)
August 2016
First LoveMarch 2017 너라면 괜찮아(Cuz it's you)
June 2017
오늘 밤은September 2017 바보야(Fool)
October 2017
May 2018
오 잠깐(Oh Wait)
July 2018
무슨 생각해(What Are You Thinking About)
August 2021


MomentDecember 2013 


역도요정 김복주 OST Part.5(Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju OST Part.5)
December 2016
힘쎈여자 도봉순 OST Part.3(Strong Woman Do Bong-soon OST Part.3)
March 2017
맨투맨 OST Part. 7(Man to Man OST Part.7)
June 2017
20세기 소년소녀 OST Part.1(20th Century Boy And Girl OST Part.1)
September 2017
안단테 OST Part.3(Andante OST Part.3)
October 2017

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  • 데리러 갈게
Various Artists역도요정 김복주 OST2017

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  • DU DU DU
  • DU DU DU

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