Sonar Pocket

2005 - present

Sonar Pocket (ソナーポケット) is a Japanese pop group that consists of three members from the city of Nagoya.


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一生一瞬April 26



ソナポケイズム①~幸せのカタチ~(Sonapokeism ① ~Shiawase no Katachi~)
October 2009
ソナポケイズム②~あなたのうた~(Sonapokeism ② ~Anata no Uta~)
January 2011
ソナポケイズム③~君との365日~(Sonapokeism ③ ~Kimi to no 365 Nichi~)
January 2012
ソナポケイズム④~君という花~(Sonapokeism ④ ~Kimi to Iu Hana~)
February 2013
ソナポケイズム⑤~笑顔の理由。~(Sonapokeism ⑤ ~Egao no Riyuu.)
February 2015
ソナポケイズム⑥ ~愛をこめて贈る歌~(Sonapokeism ⑥ ~Ai wo Komete Okuru Uta~)
February 2016


PromiseSeptember 2008 (Namida)
December 2008
友達に贈る歌(Tomodachi ni Okuru Uta)
February 2009
二人いつまでも(Futari Itsumademo)
June 2009
August 2009
あなたのうた(Anata no Uta)
June 2010
ネバギバ!(Never Give Up!)
November 2010
ラブレター。~いつだって逢いたくて~(Love Letter. ~Itsudatte Aitakute~)
April 2011
片想い。~リナリア~/スタートライン!(Kataomoi. ~Linaria~ / Startline!)
May 2013
線香花火 ~8月の約束~(Sparkler ~Promise of August~)
August 2013
aiApril 2014 最終電車 ~missing you~(Saishuu Densha ~missing you~)
July 2014
笑顔の理由。 / GIRIGIRI(Egao no Riyuu. / GIRIGIRI)
November 2014
戻らないラブストーリー。(Modoranai Love Story.)
January 2015
Song for you ~明日へ架ける光~(Song for you ~Ashita he Kakeru Hikari~)
May 2015
HERO/Good bye 大切な人。(HERO / Good bye Taisetsu na Hito.)
August 2015
ベストフレンド(Best Friend)
January 2016
RainOctober 2016
一生一瞬(Isshou Isshun)
April 2017


ソナポケイズム SUPER BEST(Sonapokeism SUPER BEST)
September 2013
ソナポケイズム THE FINAL ~7th Anniversary~(Sonapokeism THE FINAL ~7th Anniversary~)
December 2016

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