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PUFFY (パフィー), known as Puffy AmiYumi in the United States, is a Japanese pop-rock duo currently signed under Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Records. The duo debuted in 1996 with the single "Asia no Junshin" under EPIC Records, which sold over a million copies. Their fame took off even more with the release of the JET CD. They have become well known worldwide for their television shows Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy (aired in Japan...


Japanese Discography


solosoloAugust 1997 JET CDApril 1998 FEVER*FEVERJune 1999
SPIKEOctober 2000 THE HIT PARADEFebruary 2002 NICE.January 2003
59March 2004 SplurgeJune 2006 honeycreeperSeptember 2007
PUFFY AMIYUMI × PUFFYMarch 2009 Bring It!June 2009 Thank You!March 2011


amiyumiJuly 1996 SplurgeJuly 2006 


アジアの純真(Innocence of Asia)
May 1996
これが私の生きる道(This Is the Road Where I Live)
October 1996
サーキットの娘(Sister's Circuit)
March 1997
渚にまつわるエトセトラ(Coil Around the Beach Shore and etc.)
April 1997
MOTHER / ネホリーナハホリーナ(MOTHER / Curiously)
December 1997
たららん/パフィーのツアーメン(Tararan / PUFFY's Tourmen)
August 1998
パフィーdeルンバ(PUFFY de Samba)
December 1998
愛のしるし(Symbol of Love)
March 1999
日曜日の娘(Sister's Sunday)
April 1999
夢のために(For the Dream)
June 1999
海へと/プールにて(To the Sea / In the Pool)
April 2000
ブギウギNo.5(Boogie Woogie No.5)
September 2000
あたらしい日々(New Days)
April 2001
青い涙(Blue Tears)
December 2001
February 2002
赤いブランコ/Planet Tokyo(Red Swing / Planet Tokyo)
November 2002
SUNRISEFebruary 2004 はじまりのうた/ナイスバディ(Song's Beginning / Nice Buddy)
July 2005
April 2006
Tokyo I'm On My WayMay 2006 ハズムリズム(Hazumu Rhythm)
September 2006
働く男(Working Man)
November 2006
boom boom beat/お江戸流れ星Ⅳ(boom boom beat / Edo Shooting Star IV)
July 2007
オリエンタル・ダイヤモンド / くちびるモーション(Oriental Diamond / Lip Motion)
September 2007
All Because Of YouMay 2008 マイストーリー(My Story)
July 2008
日和姫(The Weather Princess)
February 2009
July 2009
R.G.W.November 2010 ハッピーバースデイ(Happy Birthday)
February 2011
SWEET DROPSAugust 2011 トモダチのわお!(Tomodachi no Wao!)
May 2012
脱ディストピア(Datsu Dystopia)
May 2013
秘密のギミーキャット~うふふ 本当よ~April 2014 パフィピポ山(Pafipipo Yama)
November 2015


The Very Best of Puffy / amiyumi JET FEVERJuly 2000 An Illustrated HistoryFebruary 2002 Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumiNovember 2004
Hit&FunFebruary 2007 15November 2011 20th ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM 非脱力派宣言(20th ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM Hi Datsuryoku Ha Sengen)
April 2016

Remix Albums

PRMXDecember 1999 PRMX TURBOSeptember 2003 

English Discography


Hi HiNovember 2005
(Puffy AmiYumi)

Featured On


  • 愛のしるし
Various ArtistsEternal Love ~for Marriage~2004
  • 天使のウィンク
Various ArtistsJewel Songs ~Seiko Matsuda Tribute & Covers~2006
  • アジアの純真
Various Artistsクライマックス ロマンティック・ソングス2008
  • motto
Various ArtistsJUDY AND MARY 15th Anniversary Tribute Album2009
  • 誰かが
Various ArtistsBEST HIT NARUTO2010

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