South Korea
2001 - present

Nell (넬) is a Korean rock band. They debuted in 2001 as an indies band produced by Seo Taiji, however in 2008 they moved to Woollim Entertainment.




Reflection of NellJanuary 2001 SpeechlessSeptember 2001 Let It RainJune 2003
Walk Through MeNovember 2004 Healing ProcessSeptember 2006 Let's Take A WalkJune 2007
Separation AnxietyMarch 2008 Slip AwayApril 2012 Newton's AppleFebruary 2014
CAugust 2016 


The TraceNovember 2008 Escaping GravityJune 2013 


Holding onto GravityDecember 2012 Christmas In Nell's RoomJanuary 2013 청춘연가(Green Nocturne)
December 2014
Star ShellSeptember 2015 그리워하려고 해(I'm going to miss you)
December 2016
사는게 니나노(Life is Ninano)
December 2016


투윅스 OST Part.1(Two Weeks OST Part.1)
August 2013
미녀 공심이 OST Part.7(Beautiful Gong Shim OST Part.7)
June 2016
굿와이프 OST Part.1(The Good Wife OST Part.1)
July 2016

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