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LinQ is a Japanese pop idol group from the island of Kyushu. They are under the label T-Palette Records. The group's name comes from the phrase "Love in Kyushu".


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Love in Qushu ~LinQ 第一楽章~(Love in Qushu ~LinQ 1st Movement~)
April 2012
AWAKE~LinQ 第二楽章~(AWAKE ~LinQ Dai 2nd Movement~)
March 2014


ハジメマシテ(Nice to Meet You)
June 2011
カロリーなんて(Calorie Nante)
November 2011
サクラ果実/sakura物語(Sakura Kajitsu / Sakura Monogatari)
February 2012
シアワセのエナジー/祭りの夜~君を好きになった日~(Energy Of Happiness / Night Of The Festival ~The Day I Fell In Love With You~)
July 2012
CHIKU-TAKU/ゴーイング マイ ウェイ!(CHIKU-TAKU / Going My Way!)
January 2013
チャイムが終われば(Chime ga Owareba)
April 2013
HANABI!!August 2013 カラフルデイズ(Colorful Days)
January 2014
ナツコイ(Natsu Koi)
July 2014
September 2014
ハレハレ☆パレード(Hare Hare☆Parade)
April 2015
LinQuest ~やがて伝説へ...(LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e...)
September 2015

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