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Liella! (リエラ!) is a Japanese five piece pop girl group formed by the fictional characters of the Love Live! Superstar!! series franchise. They made their debut on April 7, 2021 with the single "Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora".




What a Wonderful Dream!!March 2022 


始まりは君の空(All Started With Your Sky)
April 2021
START!! True dreamsJuly 2021 未来は風のように(The Future Is A Gust of Wind)
August 2021
未来予報ハレルヤ! / Tiny Stars(Future Forecast Hallelujah! / Tiny Stars)
August 2021
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 1(Liella! Original Song CD 1)
September 2021
常夏☆サンシャイン / Wish Song(Endless Summer☆Sunshine / Wish Song)
September 2021
ノンフィクション!! / Starlight Prologue(Nonfiction!! / Starlight Prologue)
October 2021
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 2(Liella! Original Song CD 2)
October 2021
LIVE with a smile!November 2021
not ALONE not HITORI / ミラクル STAY TUNE! / Shooting Voice!!(not ALONE not HITORI / Miracle STAY TUNE! / Shooting Voice!!)
November 2021
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 3(Liella! Original Song CD 3)
November 2021
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 4(Liella! Original Song CD 4)
December 2021
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 5(Liella! Original Song CD 5)
January 2022
Liella!オリジナルソングCD 6(Liella! Original Song CD 6)
February 2022
探して! Future(Search for it! Future)
February 2022


リエラのうた(Songs of Liella!)
October 2021

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