Girl's Story

Album by KARA

Girl's Story is the fifth Japanese album released by KARA. It was released in four editions: a limited CD+DVD+Goods edition type A, a limited CD+DVD edition type B, a limited CD+Photobook edition type C and a regular CD only edition. The limited edition type A includes a clutch bag as goods, while the type C includes a 120-page special photobook and it was only sold on Universal Music Japan's store.


1.マンマミーア!  (Mamma Mia!)
2.サマー☆ジック  (Summer☆gic)
3.Sunshine Miracle
4.ラブ・クリック  (Love Click)
6.ソー・グッド  (So Good)
7.Kiss Kiss Kiss
8.Last Summer
10.ファンファーレ  (Fanfare)
11.Forever Love

Limited Edition Type A DVD Tracklist
  • 1. マンマミーア! (Music Video Clip)
  • 2. サマー☆ジック (Music Video Clip)
  • 3. サマー☆ジック (Music Video Clip Gyuri Ver.)
  • 4. サマー☆ジック (Music Video Clip Seung Yeon Ver.)
  • 5. サマー☆ジック (Music Video Clip Hara Ver.)
  • 6. サマー☆ジック (Music Video Clip Young Ji Ver.)
  • 7. KARA the FIT demonstration vol.1

Limited Edition Type B DVD Tracklist (Valentine Event @ New Takanawa Prince Hotel (2015.02.14) Live Video)
  • 1. STEP
  • 2. マンマミーア!
  • 3. ソー・グッド
  • 4. プロミス
  • 5. レスキューミー
  • 6. Pretty Girl
  • 7. ミスター
  • 8. Bonus Feature

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