South Korea
2011 - present

Choi Jun Hee (Hangul: 최준희; born September 3, 1993), better known by the stage name JUNIEL (Hangul: 주니엘), is a South Korean pop singer. She first debuted in Japan in 2011 before debuting later in South Korea in 2012 under FNC Entertainment. She was first known as 'Junie', but eventually changed her stage name to 'Juniel', which was derived from combining her name, Junie, and L for 'Love'


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Japanese Discography


JuniMarch 2013 


Ready go!April 2011 Dream&HopeJuly 2011 


ForeverNovember 2011 さくら~とどかぬ想い~(Sakura ~Todokanu Omoi~)
February 2012

Korean Discography


My First JuneJune 2012 1&1November 2012 Fall In LApril 2013
Ordinary ThingsOctober 2017 


DOKKUN Project Part.3July 2013 Romantic JDecember 2013 다음날(The Next Day)
April 2014
연애하나 봐(I Think I'm In Love)
September 2014
SorryAugust 2015 물고기자리(Pisces)
July 2016
어느 별에서 왔니(DALKOMM DAY)
November 2016
Last CarnivalAugust 2017 


미녀 공심이 OST Part.6(Beautiful Gong Shim OST Part.6)
June 2016
쇼핑왕 루이 OST Part.3(Shopping King Louis OST Part.3)
October 2016
로봇이 아니야 OST Part.5(I'm Not a Robot OST Part.5)
January 2018
당신의 하우스헬퍼 OST Part.5(Your House Helper OST Part.5)
August 2018
유령을 잡아라 OST Part.2(Catch The Ghost OST Part.2)
October 2019
어서와 OST Part.4(Meow, the Secret Boy OST Part.4)
April 2020
연애는 귀찮지만 외로운 건 싫어! OST Part.5(Lonely Enough to Love! OST Part.5)
September 2020

Taiwanese Discography


Best Hits for AsiaOctober 2014 

Featured On

As Featured Artist

  • 심쿵
니엘Spring Love2015
  • 그 해 겨울 (feat. 주니엘)
아일그 해 겨울2018

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