2011 - present

HOYO-MiX is a music studio by miHoYo.


Recent & Upcoming Releases

原神-流星的轨迹September 20
原神-珍珠之歌2August 15
未定事件簿OST3:共赴July 27



原神-飞彩镌流年(Genshin Impact: Fleeting Colors in Flight)
January 2022

Live Albums

原神 线上音乐会-无际之旅的旋律(Genshin Concert: Melodies of an Endless Journey)
January 2022


崩坏3-后崩坏书-Original Soundtrack(Honkai Impact 3rd - A Post-Honkai Odyssey - Original Soundtrack)
April 2020
原神-风与异乡人(Genshin Impact: The Wind and the Star Traveler)
July 2020
原神-风与牧歌之城(Genshin Impact: City of Winds and Idylls)
October 2020
原神-皎月云间之梦(Genshin Impact: Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds)
November 2020
原神-闪耀的群星(Genshin Impact: The Stellar Moments)
February 2021
原神-漩涡、落星与冰山(Genshin Impact: Vortex of Legends)
April 2021
未定事件簿OST1:邂逅(Tears of Themis OST1: Encounter)
May 2021
原神-珍珠之歌(Genshin Impact: The Shimmering Voyage)
July 2021
原神-风与牧歌之城《CD套装》(Genshin Impact: City of Winds and Idylls (CD Set))
August 2021
原神-寂远无妄之国(Genshin Impact: Realm of Tranquil Eternity)
September 2021
未定事件簿OST2:誓约(Tears of Themis OST2: Promise)
January 2022
原神-闪耀的群星2(Genshin Impact: The Stellar Moments Vol.2)
January 2022
崩坏3-后崩坏书2-Original Soundtrack(Honkai Impact 3rd -A Post-Honkai Odyssey 2- Original Soundtrack)
February 2022
原神-佚落迁忘之岛(Genshin Impact: Islands of the Lost and Forgotten)
April 2022
原神-千岩旷望(Genshin Impact: Millelith's Watch)
June 2022
未定事件簿OST3:共赴(Tears of Themis OST3: With You)
July 2022
原神-珍珠之歌2(Genshin Impact: The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2)
August 2022
原神-流星的轨迹(Genshin Impact: Footprints of the Traveler)
September 2022

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