South Korea
2013 - present

HEYNE (혜이니; born Kim Hye In (김혜인); June 3, 1992) is a Korean singer.


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DALLAJune 2013 LOVE007December 2013 새빨간 거짓말(Red Lie)
July 2014
2getherProjectMarch 2016 연애세포(Love Cells)
May 2016
잠이 오지 않아(Insomnia)
March 2018


식샤를 합시다 Part.5(Let's Eat OST Part.5)
February 2014
도시의 법칙 (The Law Of The City)May 2014 아빠를빌려드립니다 OST(Dad for Rent OST)
November 2014
내친구와 식샤를합시다 OST(Let's Eat with My Friend OST)
August 2015
우리집 꿀단지 OST Part.1(The Honey Pot OST Part.1)
November 2015
보그맘 OST Part.9(Borg Mom OST Part.9)
November 2017

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  • 메리 블랙데이 (Feat. 혜이니)
파스칼메리 블랙데이2014

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