2005 - present

GRANRODEO is a two-piece hard rock unit from Japan lead by vocalist KISHOW (谷山紀章, Taniyama Kishou) and guitarist e-ZUKA (飯塚昌明, Iizuka Masaaki) under the Lantis.


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RIDE ON THE EDGEJuly 2007 InstinctSeptember 2008 BRUSH the SCAR LEMONOctober 2009
SUPERNOVAMarch 2011 カルマとラビリンス(Karma and Labyrinth)
September 2014
Pierrot Dancin'February 2017


tRANCEApril 2009 modern strange cowboyJuly 2009 恋音(Koioto)
December 2009
We wanna R&R ShowApril 2010 ROSE HIP-BULLETOctober 2010 愛のWarrior(Ai no Warrior)
November 2011
Can DoApril 2012 RIMFIREJuly 2012 DARK SHAMENovember 2012
偏愛の輪舞曲(Henai no Rondo)
April 2013
The Other selfOctober 2013 変幻自在のマジカルスター(Hengenjizai no Magical Star)
February 2014
7 -seven-November 2014 Punky Funky LoveJanuary 2015 メモリーズ(Memories)
June 2015
TRASH CANDYApril 2016 少年の果てNovember 2016 Glorious daysMarch 2017


GRANRODEO B‐side Collection "W"February 2012 GRANRODEO GREATEST HITS ~GIFT REGISTRY~March 2013 DECADE OF GRSeptember 2015

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