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fripSide is a Japanese pop group signed to Geneon Entertainment. The group was formed in 2002 by sat and nao and is known for performing theme songs for eroge games in their independent time. On March 30, 2007, they started a side project called fripSide NAO project!, making a different music from their usual style. On March 15, 2009, nao graduated from the group to pursue a solo career, seiyuu Nanjo Yoshino joined fripSide,...


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infinite synthesis 2September 2014 infinite synthesis 3October 2016 crossroadsOctober 2017
infinite synthesis 4October 2018 infinite synthesis 5October 2019 


only my railgunNovember 2009 LEVEL5-judgelight-February 2010 future gazerOctober 2010
Heaven is a Place on EarthAugust 2011 way to answerDecember 2011 sister's noiseMay 2013
eternal realityAugust 2013 black bulletMay 2014 LuminizeMay 2015
Two souls -toward the truth-December 2015 white forcesFebruary 2016 僕は僕であって(Boku wa Boku de Atte)
October 2016
The end of escapeDecember 2016 clockwork planetMay 2017 killing bitesFebruary 2018
divine criminalMay 2018 Love with YouNovember 2018 final phaseFebruary 2020
dual existenceSeptember 2020 legendary futureNovember 2020 dawn of infinityMay 2022


the very best of fripSide -moving ballads-November 2020 the very best of fripSide 2009-2020November 2020 

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  • 僕は僕であって

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