Fun With Dumb

Album by Dumbfoundead


1.Intro (Explicit)1:05
2.Night Riders (Explicit)3:56
3.Rapper-o's (Explicit)3:32
4.Cockblockers (Explicit)3:30
5.1st, 2nd, & 3rd (Explicit)3:13
6.Fun With Zo (Explicit)3:13
7.Favorite Song (Explicit)3:59
8.She's Built (Explicit)3:31
9.Bullets of Truth (Explicit)3:18
10.Let's Smoke (Explicit)0:42
11.She Don't Care (Explicit)3:31
12.One Day (Explicit)4:33
13.Here Comes Trouble (Explicit)4:15
14.Outro (Explicit)0:27

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