Clazziquai Project

South Korea
2001 - present

Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이 프로젝트, クラジクワイ・プロジェクト; Classic+Jazz+Groove) is a Korean group that initially started out as an experimental project by DJ Clazzi (a.k.a Gim Seong Hun) in 2001.


Korean Discography


Instant PigMay 2004 Color Your SoulSeptember 2005 Love Child Of The CenturyJune 2007
Mucho PunkJuly 2009 BlessedFebruary 2013 BlinkSeptember 2014


MetrotronicsOctober 2008 


Wizard of OZJune 2009 함께라면 (Can't Go On My Own)December 2012 BlessedJanuary 2013
Love SatelliteJuly 2014 MadlyAugust 2014 #궁금해(#IWonder)
September 2016

Remix Albums

ZBAMNovember 2004 Pinch Your SoulMarch 2006 RoboticaDecember 2007
Mucho BeatNovember 2009 

Japanese Discography


Beat in LoveAugust 2008 


Love ModeAugust 2006 

Remix Albums

Mucho MixOctober 2009 

Featured On

As Featured Artist

  • 혼자라도 (featuring Clazziquai)
Epik HighHigh Society2004
  • 오늘의 날씨 (Feat. 클래지콰이)
윤종신Behind The Smile2005

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