Brown Eyed Girls

South Korea
2006 - present

The Brown Eyed Girls (or B.E.G.) (브라운아이드걸스) is a South Korean girl group managed by NegaNetwork. The group consists of four members: JeA, Narsha, Ga-In and Miryo.


Korean Discography


Your StoryMarch 2006 떠나라 미스김(Leave Ms. Kim)
September 2007
Sound G.July 2009
Sound G. Sign(Repackage)
November 2009
Sixth SenseSeptember 2011 Sixth Sense Repackage(Repackage)
November 2011
Black BoxJuly 2013 BASICNovember 2015 


With LoveJanuary 2008 My StyleSeptember 2008 Festa On Ice 2010April 2010


Hold the LineMay 2006 내가 여름이다 Vol.1(I Am Summer Vol. 1)
June 2007
My Style (Hidden Track)October 2008
Candy ManJuly 2009 다시 한 번 대한민국(Once Again, Korea)
May 2010
Hot ShotSeptember 2011
클렌징크림(Cleansing Cream)
November 2011
The OriginalJuly 2012 레시피(Recipe)
July 2013


Special MomentsAugust 2014 

Japanese Discography


SIGNJanuary 2011 

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