Brave Girls

South Korea
2011 - present

Brave Girls (브레이브 걸스) is a Korean pop group under BRAVE SOUND ENTERTAINMENT. They debuted in 2011 with the single "Brave Girls: the Difference".




Back to da futureJuly 2011 [Re:Issue]February 2012 HIGH HEELSJune 2016
Rollin'March 2017 Summer QueenJune 2021 After 'We Ride'(Repackage)
August 2021
Thank YouMarch 2022 


Brave Girls: The DifferenceApril 2011 툭하면 (Remix Ver.)(Easily)
August 2011
For YouAugust 2013
올해가 가고(Passing Of The Year)
December 2013
February 2016
유후 (우린 아직 여름)(Yoohoo (It's Our Summer))
September 2016
롤린' (New Version)(Rollin' (New Version))
August 2018
We RideAugust 2020 나 혼자 여름 (Piano Ver.)(Summer by Myself)
July 2021
RED SUNJuly 2021 

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