Song List

Above & BeyondDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
After ThoughtDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Alkher Illa Doffor (Bassnectar Remix)Underground Communication Album (2007)
Amorphous FormUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Are You Ready (Feat. Capital J)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Art of RevolutionArt of Revolution EP (2009)
Art of Revolution (6Blocc Remix)Art of Revolution EP (2009)
Art of Revolution (Diplo Remix)Art of Revolution EP (2009)
Art of Revolution (Ghislain Poirer Remix)Art of Revolution EP (2009)
Art of Revolution (Instrumental)Art of Revolution EP (2009)
Art of Revolution (Product 01 Remix)Art of Revolution EP (2009)
Backpack Rehab (Feat. Gates DPL)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Bass HeadTimestretch EP (2010)
Bass Head (MRK1 Remix)Timestretch EP (2010)
Bass Head (SPL Remix)Timestretch EP (2010)
Before We DissolveCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Blast OffTimestretch EP (2010)
Blow (2015 Version)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Bomb Tha BlocksUnderground Communication Album (2007)
BoomboxCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Boombox (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
BoomerangDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Breathing (2015 Version)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Breathless (feat. Mimi Page)Freestyle EP (2012)
Butterfly (feat. Mimi Page)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Carried AwayUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Chasing HeavenInto the Sun Album (2015)
Chronological OuttakesVava Voom Album (2012)
ColorstormTake You Down EP (2013)
Cozza FrenzyCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Disintegration Part IVDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Do It Like This (feat. ill.Gates)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Don't Hate the 808 (feat. Lafa Taylor)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Dorfex Bos (Bassnectar Remix)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Dubuasca (2015 Version)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Ego Killer (Bassnectar & Timeline Remix)Freestyle EP (2012)
EmpathyVava Voom Album (2012)
EncoreWildstyle EP (2010)
Enter the Chamber (2015 Version)Into the Sun Album (2015)
EphemeralNoise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
ExpandedTake You Down EP (2013)
F.U.N.Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Falling (feat. Paper Machete)Wildstyle EP (2010)
Flash BackNoise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Freestyle (feat. Angel Haze)Freestyle EP (2012)
FsosfUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Fun With SynthesizersWildstyle EP (2010)
GenerateInto the Sun Album (2015)
GnarNoise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Heads Up [2011 version]Divergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Here We GoTimestretch EP (2010)
Hold On (feat. TURSI)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
HologramFreestyle EP (2012)
Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix)Wildstyle EP (2010)
Human (Bassnectar Remixxx)Freestyle EP (2012)
I Am a Laser (Feat. Double You)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
I Am Back (Bassnectar Remix)Underground Communication Album (2007)
I Wish I Was a HipsterCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Immigraniada (Bassnectar Remix)Divergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Impossible and OverwhelmingUnderground Communication Album (2007)
InfiniteFreestyle EP (2012)
Into the SunInto the Sun Album (2015)
IntroUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Kick It ComplexUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Kick It Complex (Bassnectar Remix)Underground Communication Album (2007)
Kyrian Bee BopUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Laughter Crescendo (2012 version)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Lights (Bassnectar Remix)Divergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Loco OnoNoise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Lost in the Crowd (feat. Fashawn, Zion I)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Love Here (Bassnectar Remix)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Maximum (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)Timestretch EP (2010)
Mixtape 13Into the Sun Album (2015)
Mystery Song (feat. BEGINNERS)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
No Way (Bassnectar Remix)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Noise (feat. Donnis)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Nothing Has Been Broken (feat. Tina Malia)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Now (feat. Rye Rye)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
One Thing (feat. Cristina Soto)(Bassnectar Remix)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Open Up (feat. Simon Morel)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
Paging StereophonicDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Parade Into Centuries [2011 version]Divergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Pennywise TributeVava Voom Album (2012)
Ping PongVava Voom Album (2012)
Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix)Divergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Probable CauseDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Raw CharlesTake You Down EP (2013)
Red StepDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Ridiculous WobbleUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Rose Colored Bass (Bassnectar Remix)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Science FictionInto the Sun Album (2015)
Select FrequencyUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Sideways (feat. Zion I)Into the Sun Album (2015)
So Butterfly (2014 version)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
SommarfÄgel (Bassnectar Remix)Into the Sun Album (2015)
Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor)Into the Sun Album (2015)
StompUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Take You DownTake You Down EP (2013)
Take You Down (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)Take You Down EP (2013)
Teleport Massive (Feat. Zumbi)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
The 808 Track (feat. Mighty High Coup)Wildstyle EP (2010)
The Churn of the CenturyCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
The Future (feat. Jenna Sousa)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)
The MatrixDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
The Mystery SpotInto the Sun Album (2015)
TimestretchTimestretch EP (2010)
Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)Timestretch EP (2010)
Ugly (feat. Amp Live)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Underground CommunicationUnderground Communication Album (2007)
Underwater (feat. Tina Malia)Wildstyle EP (2010)
Upside DownDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
Vava Voom (feat. Lupe Fiasco)Vava Voom Album (2012)
Verbing the NounUnderground Communication Album (2007)
VoodooDivergent Spectrum Album (2011)
West Coast Lo-Fi Rides AgainCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
What (feat. Jantsen)Vava Voom Album (2012)
When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix)Cozza Frenzy Album (2009)
Wildstyle Method (feat. 40 Love)Wildstyle EP (2010)
Window SeatCozza Frenzy Album (2009)
YoUnderground Communication Album (2007)
You & Me (feat. W. Darling)Noise vs. Beauty Album (2014)

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