Song List

2020 EP (2012)
As Time Goes ByBootleg No Title Single (2014)
Get down (feat. 제이켠)I Keep Going Album (2011)
Hey girl (feat. JayRockin)I Keep Going Album (2011)
I deserve itI Keep Going Album (2011)
IntroThe Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
Let Me 'Intro'duce (Feat. DJ Crokey)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
Plastic City (Feat. Kjun)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
Poisonous (Feat. GuGu)Bootleg No Title Single (2014)
Pop Your Color (Feat. Minos, Vasco)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
Pop your color (Remix) (feat. SOOL J, 허클베리 피)I Keep Going Album (2011)
Ride With You (Feat. Duplex G)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
Ride With You (Feat. Rico)The Way You Are Single (2013)
Smoke It AwayLet's Talk About Album (2015)
Stand Up (Put Your Fist Up!) (Feat. DJ Tiz)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
Teach You (Feat. LiVii)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
Thank YouLet's Talk About Album (2015)
That Girl (Feat. Crucial Star)20 EP (2012)
The Way You Are (Feat. Duplex G)The Way You Are Single (2013)
Timeline (Feat. Crucial Star)Talk about : L Single (2016)
We rise (Buckwilds Remix) (feat. 깐모, KKALCHANG, Ugly Duck)I Keep Going Album (2011)
We Rise (Feat. J'kyun, Basick, 지구인 Of 방사능) (Bonus)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
You are mineI Keep Going Album (2011)
곡정보 Free & Lonely (Prod. Sundaycandy)싱숭 Ep EP (2017)
괜찮아 (Feat. 샛별)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
굿 (Feat. Owen Ovadoz, Duplex G)Talk about : L Single (2016)
그 곳 (Feat. 김박첼라)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
기시감 (Feat. 달총 Of Cheeze)기시감 Single (2015)
Let's Talk About Album (2015)
너 (feat. 구름) Single (2016)
너 (Prod. Slom)싱숭 Ep EP (2017)
더더더 (Prod. Hae)싱숭 Ep EP (2017)
마셔20 EP (2012)
매일 밤 (Feat. DJ Dopsh)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
뭐 어쩔꺼
뭐 어쩔꺼 Single (2017)
방안에서 (Feat. 러비)20 EP (2012)
상자 속 젊음 Pt.2The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
숙취 (Feat. 화지, DJ Dopsh)20 EP (2012)
아빠 (Feat. Vankudi)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
여전해Bootleg No Title Single (2014)
왜!I Keep Going Album (2011)
요즘 (Skit)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
이게 난데 (Feat. 인크레더블)이게 난데 Single (2015)
자리 (Feat. 김박첼라)The Speaker of Teen EP (2010)
지금 이대로 (Feat. BrotherSu)20 EP (2012)
취하지마 (Feat. Rico)Let's Talk About Album (2015)
하루 (feat. 갱자)I Keep Going Album (2011)
한 잔 (Hold Up)싱숭 Ep EP (2017)

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