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ALI PROJECT, known colloquially as Alipro, is a two member Japanese pop unit. The group's music can generally be described as pop, though they have delved into genres like progressive rock, art rock, gothic rock, and others such as new wave and dark wave.


Recent & Upcoming Releases

人生美味礼讃July 29

Japanese Discography


幻想庭園(Fantastic Garden)
January 1988
月下の一群(The Crowd Under Moon)
December 1992
DALIFebruary 1994
NoblerotNovember 1998 AristocracyApril 2001 EROTIC&HERETICJuly 2002
DilettanteMay 2005 Psychedelic InsanityAugust 2007 禁書(Forbidden Literature)
August 2008
PoisonAugust 2009 汎新日本主義(Pan-New Japanism)
September 2010
July 2012
令嬢薔薇図鑑(Young Lady's Rose Picture Book)
September 2013
流行世界(Fashion World)
August 2014
快楽のススメ(Recommendations of Pleasure)
September 2015
A級戒厳令(A-Class Martial Law)
August 2016
芸術変態論(Theory of Art Transformation)
July 2018
FantasiaAugust 2019
人生美味礼讃(Praise of the Delicacy of Human Life)
July 2020


Alipro ManiaDecember 1999 CLASSICSJuly 2001 


フラワーチャイルド(Flower Child)
July 1988
恋せよ乙女~Love story of ZIPANG~(Fall in Love, Maiden ~Love story of ZIPANG~)
July 1992
嵐ヶ丘(Wuthering Heights)
June 1993
ヴェネツィアン・ラプソディー(Venetian Rhapsody)
January 1994
雨のソナタ~La Pluie~(Sonata of Rain ~The Rain~)
October 1995
WishApril 1996
星月夜~ルシファー第四楽章~(A Starry Night ~Lucifer, the Fourth Movement~)
July 1996
ピアニィ・ピンク(Peony Pink)
May 1997
LABYRINTHOctober 1998
コッペリアの柩(Coppelia's Coffin)
January 2001
月蝕グランギニョル(Eclipse Grand Guignol)
November 2003
pastel pureAugust 2004
禁じられた遊び(The Forbidden Game)
October 2004
阿修羅姫(The Princess Asura)
June 2005
聖少女領域(Domain of the Sacred Girls)
October 2005
亡國覚醒カタルシス(The Cleansing of an Awakening Ruined Country)
May 2006
勇侠青春謳(Chivalrous Youth Song)
October 2006
薔薇獄乙女(The Maiden Jailed in Roses)
December 2006
暗黒天国(The Darkness Heaven)
May 2007
跪いて足をお嘗め(Kneel Down and Lick My Feet)
June 2007
コトダマ(The Power of Words)
January 2008
わが臈たし悪の華(My Beautifully Elegant Flower of Evil)
July 2008
鬼帝の剣(The Sword of Demon King)
November 2008
裸々イヴ新世紀(A Naked Eve of the New Century)
January 2009
地獄の門(The Gates of Hell)
May 2009
戦慄の子供たち(Horrible Children)
August 2009
堕天國宣戦(A Declaration of War Against Fallen Heaven)
October 2009
亂世エロイカ(Heroic Troubled Times)
July 2010
刀と鞘(Sword and Scabbard)
August 2010
凶夢伝染(Contagious Evil Dreams)
January 2012
私の薔薇を喰みなさい(Please Bite My Roses)
July 2013
波羅密恋華(Paaramitaa Lotus Flower)
October 2015
卑弥呼外伝(Himiko Gaiden)
March 2017


星と月のソナタ(The Sonata of Stars and Moon)
December 1995
jamais vu(Never Seen)
August 2000
Déjà Vu ~THE ORIGINAL BEST 1992-1995~March 2006
COLLECTION SIMPLE PLUSJuly 2006 薔薇架刑(Rose Crucifixion)
April 2007
August 2008
La Vita Romantica(The Romantic Life)
January 2010
QUEENDOMMay 2011 快恠奇奇 ALI PROJECT Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition(Pleasantly Mysterious and Bizarre ALI PROJECT Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition)
February 2013
血と蜜~Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror(Blood and Honey~Anthology of Gothic Lolita & Horror)
June 2017
愛と誠~YAMATO & LOVE×××(Love and Truth~YAMATO & LOVE×××)
September 2017

Remix Albums

月光嗜好症(Moonbeam Intoxication)
March 2003
June 2004
神々の黄昏(The Gods of Twilight)
May 2005
RomanceDecember 2006 Grand FinaleDecember 2007 Gothic OperaMarch 2010
Les Papillons(The Butterflies)
June 2011
Violetta OperettaJanuary 2015 

Live Albums

月光嗜好症GIG Alipro-Mania II(Moonlight Intoxication GIG Alipro Mania II)
January 2004



絶対音楽(Absolute Music)
March 2014

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