Best Of 4Minute

Compilation by 4minute

"Best Of 4Minute" is 4Minute's first Japanese best album. All the songs on this album are in Japanese, not as their first Japanese album, which mixed Korean and Japanese. The album comes a new Japanese version of the group's debut song, HOT ISSUE. Total Reported Sales: 6,110.


1.HOT ISSUE (Japanese Version)3:28
2.Muzik (Japanese Version)3:43
3.I My Me Mine (Japanese Version)3:24
4.グッバイ  (Goodbye)4:14
6.DREAMS COME TRUE (Japanese Version)3:21
7.Can't Make Up My Mind3:42
10.HEART TO HEART (Japanese Version)3:51
11.Ready Go3:32
12.Sweet Suga Honey! (Japanese Version)3:27
13.Love Tension3:47
14.Volume Up (Japanese Version)3:51

Music Videos

- Why
- Ready Go
- Love Tension

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