Album by 청하


1.SIDE A {NOBLE} (Interlude)01:07
2.title Bicycle02:59
4.Flying on Faith03:06
5.Luce Sicut Stellae03:11
6.SIDE B {SAVAGE} (Interlude)01:01
7.title Stay Tonight03:37
8.Dream of You (with R3HAB)03:12
9.짜증 나게 만들어03:22
11.SIDE C {UNKNOWN} (Interlude)01:02
12.title PLAY (feat. 창모)03:19
13.Demente (feat. Guaynaa)02:43
14.Lemon (feat. Colde)03:22
15.별하랑 (160504 + 170607)03:43
16.SIDE D {PLEASURES} (Interlude)01:04
17.title X (걸어온 길에 꽃밭 따윈 없었죠)04:15
18.All Night Long03:45
19.솔직히 지친다  (Everybody Has)03:42
20.Comes N Goes03:31
21.Querencia (Epilogue)01:34

Music Videos

- Bicycle
- Stay Tonight
- Dream of You (with R3HAB)
- PLAY (feat. 창모)
- X (걸어온 길에 꽃밭 따윈 없었죠)
- 솔직히 지친다

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