Volume 9 - 10th Anniversary

Album by 신화

Volume 9, also known as 10th Anniversary album, is the ninth studio album of South Korean boy band Shinhwa. It was released on 3 April 2008 by Good Entertainment, marking the group's 10th anniversary.
"One More Time" (다시 한번만), a ballad track, was the lead track to be released, as a digital single on 24 March 2008. "Run" was the next track to be released with a promotional music video.
Shinhwa did limited promotional activities for this album, due to members' solo activities, and it sold over 100,000 copies in the first month.


3.다시 한 번만04:21
4.Free Style #100:52
5.title Run03:37
6.2 Ma Luv...03:29
7.We Can Get It On04:23
8.SO IN LOVE03:28
10.아직 못다한 이야기03:53

Music Videos

- Run

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