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T.O.P, is the second studio album of South Korean boy band Shinhwa. It was released on 15 April 1999 by SM Entertainment. The title T.O.P stands for Twinkling Of Paradise. It garnered much success with T.O.P climbing the charts quickly (debuting at #4 and peaking at #3), follow by Shinhwa's second single, Yo!. Shinhwa's second album made a greater impact than their first one. Although they promoted their first album well, Shinhwa did not do much promotions for their second album. Despite the promotions, T.O.P was a success and spent about 24 weeks on the chart before it dropped, one of the very first accomplishments the band achieved. The first single, "T.O.P.", represented Shinhwa's first significant commercial success and was noted for its use of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" music.


2.Yo! (악동보고서)  (agdongbogoseo; Yo! (Brat Report))03:45
3.title T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise)04:37
4.  (won; Cycle)04:00
6.침묵을 깨고  (chimmug-eul kkaego; Breakin' the Silence)03:37
7.소망  (somang; Desire)04:03
8.To. G03:49
9.푸리  (puli; Grief)03:02
11.너의 곁에서  (neoui gyeot-eseo; Forever With You)04:21
12.T.O.P. (Extended Version)04:22
13.T.O.P. (Edited Version)03:35

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