WAW -Japan Edition-

EP by 마마무


1.Where Are We Now
2.내일의 너, 오늘의 나 (Another Day)  (Naeirui, Oneurui Na (Another Day); Tomorrow, Today Is Me (Another Day))04:04
3.애써 (A Memory for Life)  (Aesseo (A Memory for Life); Work Hard (A Memory for Life))03:33
4.우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이었지 Part.2 (Destiny Part.2)  (Urin Gyeolguk Dashi Mannal Unmyeongieotji Part.2 (Destiny Part.2); We Were Destined To Meet Again Part.2 (Destiny Part.2))03:04
5.분명 우린 그땐 좋았었어 (Happier than Ever)  (Bunmyeong Urin Geuttae Johasseosseo (Happier than Ever); We Were Good Back Then (Happier than Ever))
6.하늘 땅 바다만큼 (mumumumuch)  (Haneul Ttang Badamankeum (mumumumuch); Like The Sky, The Earth And The Sea (mumumumuch))
7.Where Are We Now (Japanese ver.)
8.mumumumuch (Japanese ver.)
9.Strange Day

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- Where Are We Now

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