Album by 安室奈美恵

PLAY is Amuro Namie's eighth album, and her first to be released in CD+DVD format as well as the standard CD only. The first press of the CD only version features a PLAY original police badge sticker. The album is described as having an "adult" style. Like her previous album, Queen of Hip-Pop, some A-sides from her singles were not included in the album, and some songs from the album were given promotional videos but not released as singles. The A-sides "White Light" and "Ningyo" were not used for the album. Roughly half of the album was produced by Nao'ymt, while the other half was produced by T.Kura and michico. "Hide & Seek" was used as the promotional song for the album. The song "Top Secret" was used as the theme song for the second series of Prison Break in Japan while "Pink Key" is featured in Lipton commercials. The album reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and marks Amuro's first #1 album in more than seven years.


1.Hide & Seek
2.Full Moon
4.It's all about you
6.Step With It!
8.Should I Love Him?
9.Top Secret
10.Violet Sauce (Spicy)
11.Baby Don't Cry
12.Pink Key

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