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    Japan2005 - present
    Debuted: 2005Label: A-SketchGenre(s): Rock, J-Pop, Alternative Rock

    ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE. The origin of the group's name is from the time they would always book the recording studio; the pronunciation of ONE OK ROCK is wanokurokku (ワンオクロック) which sounds like one o'clock.

  • A-JAX

    South Korea2012 - 2019
    Debuted: 2012Label: DSP EntertainmentGenre(s): K-Pop, J-Pop, Alternative Rock

    A-JAX (Korean: 에이젝스) is a South Korean boy band signed with DSP Media.

  • AAA

    Japan2005 - present
    Debuted: 2005Label: Avex TraxGenre(s): J-Pop, Alternative Rock

    AAA (pronounced Triple A), standing for ATTACK ALL AROUND, is a seven member group under the avex trax label.

  • L'Arc~en~Ciel

    Japan1991 - present
    Debuted: 1991Genre(s): Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

    L'Arc~en~Ciel (ラルク アン シエル; Rainbow in French) is a popular Japanese rock band, formed in 1991. They are one of the most popular and affluent bands in Japan.


    Japan2008 - present
    Debuted: 2008Label: Delicious Deli RecordsGenre(s): Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

    VAMPS is a Japanese rock unit under Delicious Deli Records, a Universal Music Japan sub-label. The duo was formed in 2008 under the label VAMPROSE and consists of HYDE on vocals and K.A.Z.

  • Fall Out Boy

    United States2001 - 2009, 2013 - present
    Debuted: 2001Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock
  • Modest Mouse

    United States1993 - present
    Debuted: 1993Genre(s): Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Folk
  • The Dresden Dolls

    United States2001 - 2008, 2010 - present
    Debuted: 2001Label: Roadrunner RecordsGenre(s): Alternative Rock, Dark Cabaret

    The Dresden Dolls are an American musical duo formed in 2000 from Boston, Massachusetts.

  • μ's Muse

    Japan2010 - 2016
    Debuted: 2010Label: Lantis Co., LtdGenre(s): J-Pop, Alternative Rock

    μ's (pronounced Muse) is a Japanese pop idol group under Lantis formed by the fictional characters of the anime Love Live! School Idol Project, that features all the original voice actresses of the anime.


    Japan2013 - present
    Debuted: 2013Label: Sony Music Associated RecordsGenre(s): Rock, Alternative Rock, Shoegaze

    FLOWER FLOWER is a Japanese band.


    Japan1999 - present
    Debuted: 1999Label: NBCUniversal Entertainment JapanGenre(s): J-Pop, Alternative Rock

    KOTOKO (ことこ; born Horikawa Kotoko (堀川ことこ); January 19, 1980) is a Japanese singer, composer and lyricist. After a ten year association with production team I've Sound she started her own independent production company in August 2011.

  • Maroon 5

    United States1994 - present
    Debuted: 1994Genre(s): Pop, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

    Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that originates from Los Angeles, California.

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