Shoegaze Artists


    Japan2013 - present
    Debuted: 2013Label: Sony Music Associated RecordsGenre(s): Alternative Rock, Rock, Shoegaze

    FLOWER FLOWER is a Japanese band.

  • Scarling.

    United States2002 - present
    Debuted: 2002Genre(s): Gothic Rock, Shoegaze, Art Rock
  • ・・・・・・・・・ Dots

    Japan2016 - present
    Debuted: 2016Genre(s): J-Pop, Shoegaze

    ・・・・・・・・・ is a Japanese shoegaze idol group. It consists of nine members, each known only as「・」who were selected from auditions held in Tokyo, Japan in April 2016.

  • 101A

    Japan2002 - present
    Debuted: 2002Genre(s): Post-rock, Shoegaze

    101A is a shoegaze/post-rock band from Japan.

  • Alcest

    France2000 - present
    Debuted: 2000Genre(s): Shoegaze, Black Metal
  • Deftones

    United States1988 - present
    Debuted: 1988Genre(s): Metal, Shoegaze
  • イツエ itsue

    Japan2010 - present
    Debuted: 2010Genre(s): Post-rock, Shoegaze

    イツエ (itsue) is a post-rock band from Japan.

  • Cloudkicker

    United States2007 - present
    Debuted: 2007Genre(s): Progressive Metal, Post-rock, Shoegaze

    Ben Sharp has been making music under the banner of Cloudkicker since 2007. He writes, records, mixes, and masters everything at his home in Columbus, Ohio.

  • fra-foa

    Japan1998 - 2005
    Debuted: 1998Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Post-rock

    fra-foa was a Japanese rock band on the TOY'S FACTORY label.

  • last little while

    Japan2015 - present
    Debuted: 2015Genre(s): Shoegaze
  • 死んだ僕の彼女 Shinda Boku no Kanojo

    Japan2005 - present
    Debuted: 2005Genre(s): Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Rock

    死んだ僕の彼女 (or spelling in My Dead Girlfriend) is a Japanese shoegaze/noise pop band from Saitama, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Blue Foundation

    2000 - present
    Debuted: 2000Genre(s): Shoegaze

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