Visual Kei Artists

  • 雅-MIYAVI-

    Japan2002 - present
    Debuted: 2002Label: EMI Music JapanGenre(s): Rock, Visual Kei, J-Pop

    MIYAVI (雅-miyavi-) is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist, currently signed to EMI Music Japan. His debut in the music business was as a guitarist of the Japanese rock band Due'le Quartz.


    Japan1997 - present
    Debuted: 1997Genre(s): Metal, Visual Kei, Progressive Metal

    DIR EN GREY is a rock-metal band, formed in 1997 and went major in 1999. YOSHIKI of X JAPAN produced their early singles which were later compiled in the album GAUZE and since then they have been composing and managing their works on their own.

  • the GazettE

    Debuted: 2002Label: Sony Music EntertainmentGenre(s): Visual Kei, Hard Rock, Metal

    the GazettE (ガゼット) is a five member Japanese rock band in the visual-kei scene. They were previously known as Gazette before the release of their second album NIL in February of 2006.


    Japan1992 - 2001
    Debuted: 1992Genre(s): Visual Kei, Neoclassical, Darkwave

    MALICE MIZER was a Japanese visual kei rock band active from August 1992 to December 2001.

  • Versailles

    Japan2007 - 2012, 2016 - present
    Debuted: 2007Label: Warner Music Group JapanGenre(s): Visual Kei, Symphonic Metal

    Versailles (known as Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- in the United States) was a Japanese visual kei metal band formed in 2007.

  • A9

    Japan2004 - present
    Debuted: 2004Genre(s): Visual Kei, Rock, J-Pop

    A9, formerly known as Alice Nine (アリス九號. / アリスナイン), is a five piece Japanese rock band in the visual-kei scene.


    Japan1989 - 2000, 2010 - present
    Debuted: 1989Label: Universal Music JapanGenre(s): Visual Kei, Rock, Progressive Rock

    LUNA SEA is a popular Japanese rock band under Universal Music Japan. The band was formed in 1989 and consists of RYUICHI on vocals, SUGIZO on lead guitar and violin, INORAN on rhythm guitar, J on bass, and Shinya on drums andpercussion.

  • Plastic Tree

    Japan1993 - present
    Debuted: 1993Genre(s): Visual Kei, Rock

    Plastic Tree, also known as PuraTuri (プラトゥリ) or Pura (プラ) to fans is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band, which was formed in December 1993 under the name CAM-FLAGE. Later on the band was renamed to NTT FUCKS followed by the final name Plastic Tree.


    Japan1994 - present
    Debuted: 1994Label: Warner Music Group JapanGenre(s): Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Rock, Visual Kei

    KAMIJO is a Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, and music producer. He is best known as lead singer of the visual kei bands Lareine and Versailles.

  • ViViD

    Japan2009 - 2015
    Debuted: 2009Genre(s): Visual Kei, Rock

    ViViD is a five member Japanese rock and visual-kei band, formed sometime in March of 2009, that was signed under PS COMPANY's indie division Indie-PSC..

  • D

    Japan2003 - present
    Debuted: 2003Genre(s): Visual Kei, Hard Rock, Gothic Rock

    D is a five piece Japanese rock band of the visual-kei variety with a metal sound.

  • exist†trace

    Japan2003 - present
    Debuted: 2003Genre(s): Gothic Rock, Visual Kei, Gothic Metal

    exist†trace is a five member all-female Japanese rock band in the visual-kei scene that formed in June of 2003.

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