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  • 김성면 Kim Sung Myun

    South Korea1995 - present
    Debuted: 1995Genre(s): Ballad, K-Pop
  • 김성수 Kim Seongsu

    South Korea
    Genre(s): K-Pop
  • 김성채 Kim Seongchae

    South Korea
    Genre(s): Ballad
  • 김성태 Kim Sungtae

    South Korea
    Genre(s): Ballad
  • 김세용 Kim Se Yong

    South Korea2011 - present
    Debuted: 2011Label: NH MediaGenre(s): K-Pop

    Kim Se Yong (김세용; born on November 20, 1991) is a South Korean singer and member of the boy band MYNAME, which is active in South Korean and Japan.

  • 김세진 Kim Sejin

    South Korea
    Genre(s): Ballad
  • 김소리 Kim Sori

    South Korea2016 - present
    Debuted: January 5, 2016Label: MOLE Inc.Genre(s): K-Pop

    Kim Sori (김소리; born July 21, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea) is a Korean idol singer and member of pop duo CocoSori.

  • 김소현 Kim So Hyeon

    South Korea2007 - present
    Debuted: 2007Genre(s): Ballad

    Kim So-hyun (김소현; born on November 11, 1975) is a korean musical theatre actress. She was seen in several operas, before making her official acting debut in 2001 as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera.

  • 김손손 Kim Son Son

    South Korea2012 - present
    Debuted: 2012Genre(s): Indie Rock, Folk Pop

    김손손 / Kim Son Son

  • 김수빈 Kim Subin

    South Korea
    Genre(s): K-Pop
  • 김수연 Kim Suyeon

    South Korea2003 - present
    Debuted: 2003Genre(s): K-Pop, Soul
  • 김수정 Kim Soojung

    South Korea
    Genre(s): Ballad

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