9 Nov 2013, 02:48 EST - Quote

The projects section is a new feature that makes it easier to manage information on the site. If there's a genre or group of artist pages that need work, you can create a project to focus on that area. Any member can join your project and help contribute to its goals.

Right now the projects section is new, and functionality is minimal. I think over time as we use it it'll grow and mature into something really useful. If you guys have any questions or suggestions please post them here. :)

12 Nov 2013, 10:07 EST - Quote

The Math Rock scene is very new yet, and there's a lot of info around and about since most of it is very well documented on the internet. I'd like to get to work on doing some of the major band of the new genre and branching from there.

12 Nov 2013, 11:31 EST - Quote

I'll post a couple relevant links on your page. :)

22 Nov 2013, 21:52 EST - Quote

I LOVE this idea, it will allow people to set goals and focus on specific things that need to be done, and makes it a group or "team" effort! Great way to get more albums added, as well as perhaps meet people with similar tastes in music! Awesome addition, it will be exciting to see how this evolves! :)

23 Nov 2013, 00:31 EST - Quote

I'm excited about this idea too. :D I want to add more functionality that will show how a project is progressing, like maybe keep track of albums added, but I haven't figured out how to do this yet.


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