Recent Updates

10 Dec 2012, 17:04 EST - Quote

Recent Updates:
- 1/17: Much improved notifications system, slight change to header.
- 12/12: Slightly improved album/artist edit history code.
- 12/09: Artist members can be put into teams/groups.
- 12/05: To-do list categories. Tracks pending deletion no longer show on album pages.
- 12/04: Database structural change for how tracklists are saved, improved track link functionality, song info page, improved search functionality for songs.
- 11/22: Finished album groups, displays on album page.
- 11/21: Favicon! Functionality to link albums together (album groups).
- 11/18: Small header redesign, added community page+to-do list.
- 11/13: Members can delete own tags from an artist.
- 11/08: Improved connections between artists.

Will work on soon:
- Additional options for album versions. (label, release date, etc.)
- Improved edit logging/protecting.
- Improved login functionality.
- Album references.
- Adding/editing albums tutorial.
- Better organization of genres.


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