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Hello! So here is the list I kept talking about, a list that I might add onto in the future. Feel free to pick it apart because communication and throwing ideas around is awesome and stuff. Please excuse any errors you might find, I apologize for them all.

Links to MVs/PVs (approved by mods).
- Alright, so this kind of runs in a more cosmetic, can certainly do without, type of vein. I only thought to add this to the list because while I was on WEAVER's website to check for information for their latest release, the site happened to have WEAVER's latest single's PV on autoplay. This is a feature I hate - the autoplay, that is - but before I could pause the video, I gave the song a bit of a listen and I fell in love. I wasn't a fan of WEAVER before this, and I probably wasn't going to go out of my way to take a listen to their music, so I really wouldn't have known what I was missing out on if they didn't have that PV on the home page.

Now, I'm not saying we have to have youtube videos on the site, not necessarily, and definitely not auto-play, but maybe a link to the promotional single(s) of an album/compilation, or the A-side of a single release? So people have the option to check out an artist if, let's say, the cover art intrigues them.

Ability to remove album art if two or more editions share the same cover.
- This has bothered me for a while. It's not a big issue, really. But I look at my to-do list and pout sometimes because it's listed that an artist has missing album covers, but no cover is missing because the editions might have had different tracklists but the exact same cover art and I don't know if I should upload the same cover twice so I leave it be and pout more when I return to my to-do list again.

I think it would be really swell to have the option to delete the album cover without necessarily have to delete the version of the album that includes the different tracklist (deleting album versions would be nice too, because sometimes I make mistakes but I'm getting better, I promise). I think, if anything, it would help clear the to-do list up a bit, and make it more accurate.

Allow mods to delete releases / songs / album versions.
- This is an idea powered by guilt and slight frustration. I must admit that I make mistakes, and I made a couple of mistakes when I first started that I've a) forgotten I made or b) remember I made but I kind of feel bad asking you to delete a specific album or single or track because my computer's being a douche or I just happened to read something incorrectly, etc, especially when I've already marked whatever it is inaccurate or 'should be deleted'.

Now, I strongly believe allowing everyone to delete anything would be a terrible, terrible idea, but as a moderation, I have to say that I wouldn't mind juggling deletion requests in all of these areas. Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I notice others have made a mistake, and because I'm a wuss that just feels really bad going to you directly, mind letting me do the dirty work instead?

Group members listing (maybe provide icons and group positions).
- To me, even with my limited knowledge of coding - at least on a larger scale - this sounds like a task. In fact, everything on this list sounds like a task to me (and I am so, so sorry. x_x) but I've bringing up a suggestion that I believe has been spoken of already - group members on artist pages.

Simply listing the group members is not enough. Just the names aren't enough because not every single member in some groups has a solo discography that can be linked to with their picture and other information. So, I thought, why not include icons and a couple of stats in the member listings (as well as an optional link to a member's individual page if they happen to have a few solo releases under their belts).

This way, people don't really have to have a tons of tabs open with google image searches. The face of the member would be there (a size between 100px and 200px square icons I think might be good), and just enough information about them (name and stage name if necessary, group position, when they joined/left) would be provided to give insight on the member without it feeling like they have their own personal bio.

Solo artist stats.
- Basically the same thing as above, only with more details. Like birth-date, birthplace added in there and the additional icon taken out. I have to admit to not really reading through an artist's entire biography, but I do kind of enjoy running my yes through that small information blurb on generasia before I go straight down to the discography. More 'this isn't really needed but have my idea anyway because'.

Related artists submissions.
- Mod approved, or admin approved, of course. I think this is pretty self explanatory.

The ability to ‘track’ certain albums/artists without having to follow an artist.
- Because I like updating certain artists' discographies and making sure they're up to date, but I don't necessarily want to follow them and have them bundled together with the rest of my to-do list. And other times I promise myself to work on one artist's incomplete discography but I don't necessarily want to follow them either.

It could simply be a bullet point list with the artists' names and a link to their pages. Just so I have them all in one place. Another 'not needed, but have it' idea. I think most of the things on this list are not needed but have it idea types.

Additional notes for individual tracks.
- Especially when it comes to cover albums / joint releases. Who sang this song originally? Of the people in this collaboration, was this a track sang by one person or all of the people involved in the project? What team in AKB48 sang this song? And so on, and so on.

I do realize that this could all be added into the 'album information' section, but a separate 'track list notes' type thing sounds nice to me. You could have the track list, and below it a list of information on the tracklist. Maybe make so that if you have an album with ten tracks, and only one of them as anything 'notable' to be spoken again, allow it so that only that track can be featured on the information list.

#1: song title
#2: song title
#3: song title

tracklist notes
#2: originally sung by artist name.

That type of thing.

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Thanks for all the feedback! It really means a lot to me. If it weren't for you and a few others updating here on a regular basis I don't think I'd have the motivation to keep going. This site has made me realize how inexperienced I am when it comes to efficiently organizing large SQL databases. The album pages, as simple as they are now, still require 6 different MySQL tables linked together. I need to improve my skills as a programmer to make MusicTea as optimized as I'd like. Don't feel bad at all about suggesting improvements, because I want MusicTea to be the best music resource, and getting others' opinions helps balance my perspective so I can keep improving the site.

Links to MVs/PVs (approved by mods).
I think this is a good idea. The last few people I've shown the site to have asked me how to preview the music, so I'll add this to my to-do list.

Ability to remove album art if two or more editions share the same cover.
Separating the album versions and covers like this is beyond my skill-level right now. I'm frustrated with how slowly some pages load, and I'm worried creating more MySQL tables would slow it down even more (and figuring out how to code everything efficiently might make my brain implode lol). I need to get through more of my programming books first, then I can work on this. For now the to-do page will have to be a little inaccurate. >__<;;

Allow mods to delete releases / songs / album versions.
I don't mind you pointing out which albums need to be removed. I'm kind of nervous about letting anyone besides me delete content yet, because the first mod here was quite negative, and if that situation happened again, I'm worried they'd go delete a bunch of albums and a lot of hard work would be lost.

Group members listing (maybe provide icons and group positions).
This is a really good idea. :) Maybe I could figure out a way to add members to a group/band, and automatically include all this information on the artist bio page. I'll figure out how to do this along with solo artist stats.

Related artists submissions.
I definitely plan to add this eventually.

The ability to ‘track’ certain albums/artists without having to follow an artist.
I think with this idea it might be easier to just bookmark these artists through your browser. Once there are more people actively adding albums it'll become much easier to keep an artist's page up-to-date.

Additional notes for individual tracks.
This has been on my to-do list forever. I'll try to add this option within 1 or 2 months.

MusicTea is definitely pushing forward my skills as a programmer and web designer. It's difficult prioritizing everything on my coding to-do list (which is getting huge o__O), studying+refining my programming skills, promoting the site and figuring out how it should progress, doing admin work, and just adding new artists and albums. So I hope you (and everyone here) will have patience with me and how slow I am to add new features. I think MusicTea has a ridiculous amount of potential and I'm really happy that other people have come to care about this site. ^___^

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I also would suggest to add information for released DVD albums with video tracklists and album covers.

21 Oct 2013, 16:37 EST - Quote

Maybe have an album type for cover albums specifically?

16 Jan 2014, 13:33 EST - Quote

Digital releases.
Adding digital releases, especially singles, has been tricky for me. After I got comfortable with adding albums to the site, I generally avoided adding them because I felt it would clog up an artist's discography (unless an artist's discography was mostly digital) and a user's dashboard when it came to genres they might be following, and since many of the artist websites I've visited generally don't add digital releases to their discography page, I felt there wasn't much of a need to add them here. I feel that it probably would be nice to have them added in (since there are times when I look at a digital single and have to wonder whether or not I should add it to a discography, and I don't because I'm uncertain but end up feeling like maybe I should have, and they are available on sites like Wikipedia), but I'd like it if there was a "digital single/ep/etc" option when adding an album so they could be distinguished. But I'm actually curious to know what your stance is when it comes to digital releases, since this would really help me when it comes to deciding what to add and what not to add.

Cover albums.
This is also more of a "how do you feel about this" type thing then it is a suggestion. As mentioned before, I believe it would be nice to differentiate a cover album from all regular albums in an artist's discography, but it's perfectly fine simply labeling it as just another album, because it kind of is. So, I'd just to interested to know what you think. :)

20 Sep 2014, 07:42 EST - Quote

Navigation Pages: I'm not sure if these are somewhere on the site already and I simply haven't stumbled upon them yet, but having links for all tags and maybe agencies/labels so they're easier to access? Similar to the category pages.

Labels: And while we're on the topic of labels, would it be possible to image an image option for those as well?

Tag Pages: Having a little blurb might be helpful for some tags, to explain what exactly the tags mean (like the term "seiyuu" for example), and maybe to offer a bit of guidance to an editor when they're not sure if a particular artist should be tagged as one thing or another, if they should be tagged at all.

Questions (Not necessarily ideas or suggestions, mostly just a couple of things I'm curious about):

Ordering: When it comes to genre pages, are they consistently ordered by popularity, date added, alphabetical, or something else?

Song Deletion: So sometimes I mess up (more than I would like on some days), and for a while now I've been wondering what exactly happens when one clicks the [x] next to a song when editing an album. As far as I can tell, it simply dims the song when editing but the track number appears when you actually view the release, so the track is still kind of there, and I can't really do much else outside of flagging the album at that point. This may have been changed and I haven't noticed it, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Character/Image Songs: There's a part of me that can see why it wouldn't be necessary to have any of these included in an artist's discography, or to add an artist with only images songs or albums released, but then there's another part of me that kind of thinks maybe they could be added in somewhere? As a list, without the album image beside it, so it doesn't crowd an artist's page, or have is as a separate genre or something to have it all separated from everything. But again, I'm asking for your view on this.

Adding Artists: Could or should one add artists that have not debuted as an artist but has been featured in other releases? For example, GLAM's Miso and BTS' J-HOPE were featured in Jo Kwon's I'm Da One album, but neither have had any solo releases, and as of right now, I don't think there are plans for either of them to have solo projects soon. In other cases, I've seen a handful of artists who seem to have more than one or two credits on several different releases as a featured artist, not attached to any group or band, without having made a debut of their own, or just group members with several featured credits and no releases of their own. Now in the case of an artist already attached to a group, one could say there's no real need to add them as their own artist, since one could potentially just look up their groups and read the member profiles if they were curious, and maybe search their name to find other projects they could have been featured in, but I was wondering if you have an opinion on this either way.

Album Types: I feel like I bring this up a little too much, but I thought I'd ask again. Please don't throw fruits in my general direction. Cover Albums and Tribute Albums, the two could easily be distinguished by having a little sentence added into the album's description, but I was wondering what you thought about why or why not they could be added as separate album types.

Member Lists: Would external links to personal accounts be necessary to include in member profiles (and to some extent, blood types and maybe height when it comes to Korean and Japanese idol groups since both don't really serve as much more than even more fun bits of trivia)?
(And I was toying around with a member list mock-up after coming across profiles on an artist's site a few days ago, and I was wondering if you'd have any interest in seeing it.)

9 Oct 2014, 12:06 EST - Quote

Editing Albums, Adding Artists: I'm not sure if I've explained this well enough, but something I've noticed is that searching for an artist to add to an album (for a cover, if they're featured, etc) can be a slight hassle, particularly if the artist's name is some like "MI" and the name happens to be placed somewhere near the bottom of a pile of names instead of close to the top. Unless there's a way around it that I'm simply not aware of, I'm unable to add an artist at that point since I'm not given their name from what's visible on the list, because I think it cuts off after a certain point. It doesn't happen too often, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

26 Dec 2014, 16:00 EST - Quote

Some different versions of the same album have different track listing, but when you mark which tracks are on each album, it's the same track listing for each album. Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite features. But I was just wondering if there was some way for example, you could make "I Love You" track 1 on Version A, but then track 3 on Version B. Does that make sense? I've just been leaving notes on the tracks, but it seems a little cluttered.


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