Formatting Text

These are all the BBCode tags you can use around the site.

Basic Markup

[b]text[/b][b]Bolded text[/b] → Bolded text
[i]text[/i][i]Italicized text[/i] → Italicized text
[s]text[/s][s]Strikethrough[/s] → Strikethrough
[u]text[/u][u]Underlined text[/u] → Underlined text
[url]URL[/url][url][/url] →
[url=URL]text[/url][url=]Musictea[/url] → Musictea

Linking to Musictea Pages


URL: Must be the artist's exact URL.
Text: Any text (artist name, alias, etc.).
[artist:direngrey:DEG] → DEG

URL: Must be the tag's exact URL.
Text: Any text.
[tag:koreanindie:K-Indie] → K-Indie
[user:username][user:mizuononde] → mizuononde

Article last updated 2013-12-05

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