South Korea
2011 - present

Dal★Shabet (달샤벳) is a Korean pop girl group under Happyface Entertainment. They made their debut in 2011 with the mini-album "Supa Dupa Diva".

Current Members

Stage Name: Ah Young (아영)
Birth Name: Cho Ja Young (조자영)
Birth Date: May 26, 1991
  • Serri

    Leader, Main Vocalist2011 - present
Stage Name: Serri (세리)
Birth Name: Park Mi Yeon (박미연)
Birth Date: September 16, 1990
  • Su Bin

    Lead Vocalist2011 - present
Stage Name: Su Bin (수빈)
Birth Name: Park Su Bin (박수빈)
Birth Date: February 12, 1994
Stage Name: Woo Hee (우희)
Birth Name: Bae Woo Hee (배우희)
Birth Date: November 21, 1991

Former Members

  • Ji Yul

    Vocalist2011 - 2015
Stage Name: Ji Yul (지율)
Birth Name: Yang Jung Yoon (양정윤)
Birth Date: July 30, 1991
  • Ka Eun

    Vocalist, Rapper2011 - 2015
Stage Name: Ka Eun (가은)
Birth Name: Cho Ka Eun (조가은)
Birth Date: July 28, 1992
  • Vicky

    Leader2011 - 2012
Stage Name: Vicky (비키)
Birth Name: Kang Eun Hye (강은혜)
Birth Date: March 3, 1988
Former member of Nine Muses, prior to the group's debut.

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