South Korea
2006 - present

Tae Wan (태완; also known as C-LUV) is a Korean R&B singer, songwriter and composer currently under D-Business Entertainment. Tae Wan collaborated with Rain on his fourth album Rain's World. His debut album was released on February 22, 2006.


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As I AmJuly 2014 


It's OkayMay 2013 나만 믿어(Believe Me)
June 2013
어디 갈래(Where Do You Want To Go?)
July 2013
Whatcha StepJanuary 2014 HistoryJuly 2014 말해서 뭐해September 2014
Brand New Music Project Single ‘Brand New Year Vol.3 – Brand New Day'December 2014 스웨터(Sweater)
December 2014
언프리티 랩스타 Track 5(Unpretty Rapstar Track 5)
March 2015
Divin'August 2015 Drop TopSeptember 2015 입에 달아(Baby Baby)
March 2016
What Do I Call This FeelingMay 2016 

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