Experimental Artists

  • 水樹奈々 Nana Mizuki

    Japan2000 - present
    Debuted: 2000Label: King Records Company, Ltd.Genre(s): J-Pop, Rock, Experimental

    Mizuki Nana (水樹奈々; born Kondo Nana (近藤奈々), January 21, 1980) is a Japanese pop singer and seiyuu under the KING RECORDS label.

  • 小南泰葉 Kominami Yasuha

    Japan2010 - present
    Debuted: 2010Label: EMI Music JapanGenre(s): Rock, Ballad, Experimental

    Kominami Yasuha (小南泰葉; born October 11) is a Japanese singer-songwriter under EMI Music Japan.

  • 志方あきこ Shikata Akiko

    Japan2001 - present
    Debuted: 2001Genre(s): Experimental, Folk Pop, Neoclassical

    Akiko Shikata is a Japanese singer-songwriter and composer, who is known for writing music for games and anime. Her music has varies of traditional folk songs and different vocal styles, including that she has knowledge several different languages, which she frequently sings in Japanese and Italian.

  • 惑星アブノーマル Wakusei Abnormal

    Japan2013 - present
    Debuted: 2013Genre(s): Rock, Experimental, J-Pop

    Wakusei Abnormal (惑星アブノーマル; Abnormal Planet) is a 2-piece Japanese rock band.

  • 鬼束ちひろ Onitsuka Chihiro

    Japan2000 - present
    Debuted: 2000Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc.Genre(s): J-Pop, Ballad, Experimental

    Onitsuka Chihiro (鬼束ちひろ; born October 30, 1980) is Japanese singer-songwriter and pianist.

  • 0.8秒と衝撃。 0.8 Byou to Shougeki, 0.8syooogeki

    Japan2008 - present
    Debuted: 2008Genre(s): Experimental

    0.8 Byou to Shougeki (0.8秒と衝撃。) are a Japanese independent band, who formed in 2008 in Shibuya, Tokyo and debuted on August 12, 2009 at Shinjuku Loft.

  • Animal Collective

    United States1999 - present
    Debuted: 1999Genre(s): Indie Folk, Experimental, Ambient
  • Annabel

    Japan2005 - present
    Debuted: 2005Label: Lantis Co., LtdGenre(s): J-Pop, Progressive Rock, Experimental

    Annabel (アナベル; born March 18, 1984) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter under Lantis.

  • Björk

    Iceland1977 - present
    Debuted: 1977Genre(s): Electronic, Trip hop, Experimental

    Björk Guðmundsdóttir (born 21 November 1965), known as Björk, is an Icelandic singer-songwriter.

  • Boris

    Japan1992 - present
    Debuted: 1992Genre(s): Experimental, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock

    Boris (ボリス) are a Japanese experimental metal band formed in Tokyo in 1992.

  • Death Grips

    United States2010 - present
    Debuted: 2010Genre(s): Hip hop, Industrial, Experimental

    Death Grips is a hip hop group from Sacramento, California, formed in 2010. The group consists of rapper Stefan Burnett (known as MC Ride), drummer Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin (known as Flatlander). The band's music has been described as combining punk rock, hip hop and noise.

  • Miles Davis

    United States1944 - 1975, 1980 - 1991
    Debuted: 1944Genre(s): Jazz, Experimental, Blues Rock

    Miles Dewey Davis III (May 26, 1926 – September 28, 1991) was an American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. Widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Miles Davis was, with his musical groups, at the forefront of several major developments in jazz music, including bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, and jazz fusion.

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